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Probucker 2 vs Alnico Classic Pro

Which pickup has a bigger output between Probucker 2 and Alnico Classic Pro? And what are the other differences between the two? Thanks!
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Re: Probucker 2 vs Alnico Classic Pro

The Classics have alnico V magnets, and the Probuckers have alnico II. I would then expect the Classics to be most prominent in the lows (and be fairly strong-sounding) and the Probuckers to be most prominent in the mids (and do a good job of cutting through the mix).

I do not have any guitars with these pickups; all I can say from personal experience is that my Epi SG came with the Classics, and they rocked my AC15 in a good way.

I must mention that I swapped the pickups, not because they weren't good, but because I bought the guitar in an attempt to make a poor man's Pete Townshend SG. At the time, there weren't any Epiphone SGs with stock P90s, so had to go with hum-sized P90s on a regular SG.

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